Integra Telecom Plots A Rebound With New Owners, New Image And New Strategy

Integra Telecom Establishes PoP in Phoenix NAP Datacenter

Ownership: A private equity firm called Searchlight Capital Partners became Integra’s largest shareholder last month when it bought Goldman Sachs & Co.’s stake. O’Hara said that replacing a financier with a strategic investor improves the company’s long-term prospect. The name: Integra’s brand has little resonance in the company’s new market, and carries bad connotations from its downturn.
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Integra Telecom Introduces New Services

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Integra Telecom Expands Spokane Presence

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“When we looked at our network assets, our differentiated service model and the progress we made, particularly in the last 12 months around our product portfolio, we feel like we’re really well positioned to serve larger business customers as well.” Right now, 61 percent of Integra’s customers bill $1,000 a month, while its fastest growing segment is with multi-location customers that spend $5,000 a month. To serve these larger customers, Integra has over 2,200 on-net buildings on its fiber network.
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Integra Telecom rebrands itself as “Integra,” expands focus to enterprise market

This investment enables Integra to control the quality and reliability of service to its customers. Integra Telecom first entered the Spokane market through its acquisition of Electric Lightwave in 2006.
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It owns and operates a best-in-class fiber-optic network comprising more than 3,000 route miles in 11 metropolitan access networks, including approximately 1,600 on-net buildings, a world-class Internet and data network, and an approximately 5,000-mile high-speed long-haul fiber network. The company has earned some of the highest customer loyalty and customer satisfaction ratings in the telecommunications industry. Equity investors in the company include Goldman, Sachs & Co., Tennenbaum Capital Partners, funds managed by Farallon Capital Partners and Warburg Pincus. Integra Telecom and Electric Lightwave are registered trademarks of Integra Telecom, Inc.
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Integra Telecom launches service in Webster

These new services are designed to best meet the needs of the customers. Integra Telecom Inc. provides voice, data and Internet communications to thousands of business and carrier customers in 11 Western states. The company claims that it owns and operates a best-in-class fiber-optic network comprised of metropolitan access networks, a nationally acclaimed tier one Internet and data network, and a 4,700-mile high-speed long haul network. Integra Telecom in November had announced that it has selected BillSoft, Inc ., a provider of transaction tax products and services, to provide their EZTax product line to accurately tax Integras communications services.
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